Proxima Maps mobile app is compatible with Android, iOS on both phones and tablets. Apps are pre-integrated with SugarCRM 7.x.

Proxima Maps Features

  • Proxima Maps is the only web and mobile mapping application for SugarCRM.
  • View appointments in a Calendar or a Route view.
  • Routes include simple turn by turn instructions, Travel times, and the ability to see nearby accounts.
  • Update, postpone, and "complete" appointments. The App will update existing Calls or Meetings.
  • View "Gamified" totals of your daily travel distance. Synch those totals with the SugarCRM platforms to ease expense reimbursement.

How is it priced?

Value pricing. Do only some of your field users need the mobile app? Other users just access via the CRM platform? We will price it just for the users in your organization who will use it. Want an exact price for your platform? Request a price quote.

Proxima Maps with SugarCRM 7.7


Advanced Mobile Usability

Proxima Maps mobile application provides native access to all the features on your mobile phone. Want to customize your app to track routes in real time? YES! How about automated check-in when your team gets to their scheduled locations? YES!

Request a Demo

Seems pretty good, but you'd like to see or hear more? Call us to schedule a live demo. We'll walk through the product step by step. Let's do this!


Free Trial

But wait. What if you think you get it, and you're ready to really check things out. We'll install the product in your SugarCRM 7.x instance for a 30 day free trail. We're sure you'll love it.