"Map to Lead" plugin for SugarCRM platform, compatibile with SugarCRM 7.x:

  • Optimize field sales and field service
  • Provide sales team prospect data while on the road
  • Manage Regions with geographic reporting
  • Plan trips, view routes

Map to Lead, Features and value

  • The dashlets and the maps are one price, no usage limits
  • "Print map" for simple, print and carry layout
  • Filter your view, create target lists from screen
  • Admin which entities you want from Sugar administration console

NEW RELEASE of Version 2.6 with added Dashlets and improved performance, just released October, 2015.

How is it priced?

Value pricing. Do only some of your users need the product? We will price it just for the users in your organization who will use it. Want an exact price for your platform? Request a price quote.

Feature Function - Print Map

The print map feature is available on all dashlets in the system, and is a custom function that simplifies the current view of the map into a summary and makes it available to print and carry with you for easy reference.

Map to Lead Webinar


MTL Dashlet Framework Rocks 'em all!

Two things everyone likes served 'their way' - eggs and dashlets. Map to Lead serves dashlets your way, all day with the Sugar 7 Intelligence panel. Wherever you go, it goes - reacts and responds to the things you do and improves your ability to see the data with a bird's eye.

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Free Trial

But wait. What if you think you get it, and you're ready to really check things out. We'll install the product in your SugarCRM 7.x instance for a 30 day free trail. We're sure you'll love it.